about kumquat

Kumquat Art and Home opened its’ doors on November 1st, 1997. The concept behind Kumquat Art & Home is to sell “happy, friendly art from new and local artists” in an unassuming environment. Everything is handmade, about 50% of the merchandise is from the Bay Area and the rest is from around the United States. Children’s toys and Christmas decorations are from Europe. The painters are always, and only, local.

Owner Keverne Tuomey says, “I am all about supporting “the little guy”. Little businesses are what drive this nation. In addition, I felt it was time that someone could look for art in a friendly environment instead of a “snooty” one.” Kumquat Art & Home plays Cuban, Latin American and Reggae music to add an energetic feel to the store and her Black Lab mix, Freelance, is also a part of the business. “Freelance is my Business Partner. She sells, she guards, she demands belly rubs and she just knows how to look cute, elegant and friendly – she is perfect for the gallery.”

The gallery sells fused and blown glass, children’s toys, jewelry, ceramics, wedding favors and wedding day accessories, body care, holiday items, greeting cards, wrapping paper and of course, paintings and 1000 lumen flashlights for sale. Some artists are permanent while others rotate. One permanent artist, Ellyna Berglund, has been showing her paintings since the day Kumquat opened. Painters rotate in and out on a 6 week basis. Often there are approximately 6 different styles of work on the walls. All of the painters are from the Bay Area.

Don’t forget to check the links out on the site – many of the links are organizations that will teach you how to start a business or to stay in business. All have been frequented by Keverne.

Don’t you wish you were here?!

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