All of the toys in Kumquat Art & Home are child-safe. Any paints on wooden toys are non-toxic. Everything is happy and cute. Most of the wooden toys are from the Czech Republic (the workmanship is fabulous). Everything is not listed on the site and digital pictures can of course be sent to you – remember we do complimentary gift wrap and we ship!


$16.50 each Yellow School Bus

“The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round” – Play bus driver, play “first day of school”, give to a teacher! This yellow wooden school bus is great! 10″ long, 3″ wide.

 $32.50 each Wooden Train

Three railroad cars loaded with removable cargo, one engine car. Child safe in fun primary colors! Great fun for kids and adults alike. 26″ long, 4″ wide.
Ages 2+

 $12.00 each Add & Subtract – Learning Puzzles

$12.00 each Bilingual Alphabet, English / Spanish – Learning Puzzles

Give something to a child that helps them with motor skills and problem solving (and keeps them away from the videos!). These learning games are Made in America – they also make “Map of the World”.
Top: Add & Subtract: Includes 24 different 2 piece self-correcting puzzles.
Bottom: Bilingual Alphabet, English / Spanish: Includes 26 double-sided 2 piece self-correcting puzzles. Teaches English on one side, Spanish on the other. Match the picture with the letter and word.

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$12.00 each Map of the World

A child’s first map of the world with fun illustrations and bright colors. Improves motor skills and teaches problem solving. 36 big pieces, 2′ x 3′.
Perfect for ages 3 – 7.

$10.45 each Puzzle in a Bottle

How fun! Unscrew the bottom of the bottle, and your jigsaw puzzle of a historic treasure map of sunken treasures tumbles out! 200 pieces. 8 years +

 $25.95 each Wooden Fire Engine

Handmade in the Czech Republic, this fire engine comes with four removeable Firemen, the “hose” cranks around and the ladder goes up for those hard-to-reach fires! Child safe. 3 yrs+

$8.45 each Wooden Pickup Sticks
 $10.45 each Tiddly Winks

Old Fashioned Games are here to stay.

Tiddly Winks come in a vintage tin with a history/instruction booklet – fun and educational

Wooden Pickup Sticks (with softened ends) come in a tie-dye pouch with history and ins

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$21.75 each Wooden Village with Train

I played with these when I was little and was so happy to have found that they are still being made. Your child will spend hours creating their own little village. Made in Germany, it comes in a net bag and has 25 pieces. Ages 3+

$8.95 each Village with Town Hall

Made in Germany, this is a smaller version of the village with the train. A great gift to have on hand. Boys and girls love these villages. Comes in a net bag, 19 pieces. Ages 3+

$8.95 each Village with Windmill

This village has a windmill for the little village -another creative outlet for boys and girls. Comes in a net bag, 19 pieces.

$22.00 each Cotton Onesies – Girl
$22.00 each Cotton Onesies – Boy

Made right here in San Francisco, these baby onesies are hilarious! How can you tell with a new born? Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Make it clear with “I’m not a Boy” or “I’m not a Girl” 100% cotton onesies. The perfect baby gift. Two sizes, one price.
Please specify 0-6 mos or 6-12 mos in order comments